Let the trip Begin: Finally the yearly delegation trip has started

As every year, IPON has organized an annual Delegation Trip which started two days ago. In the late hours of Friday evening, Martin Patzelt, member of the German parliament and special rapporteur of Southeast Asia for the parliamentary committee for human rights, arrived in Metro Manila. From October 8th until October 16th, Mr. Patzelt takes part in our annual delegation trip to meet different Filipino key players regarding the matters of human rights. During this week, Mr. Patzelt will be accompanied by three of our partners. This special occasion gives the Human Rights defenders the opportunity to share their personal experiences with Mr. Patzelt as well as to speak up for their cases in official meetings with central governmental stakeholders. But there is still a lot to do, as Dominik, our country coordinator, explains in the video below.  https://www.facebook.com/ipon.philippines/videos/1458362640847648/

While the preparations went on in Manila, two IPON observers had the chance to introduce Mr. Patzelt to Evangeline Silva who is the elected national president of the farmworker organization “Pesante” and a longtime human rights activist.

The participant of the delegation trip had the chance to visit Evangeline Silva in her home province Laguna in order to dicuss her work as political activist and the nature of the fabricated trumped up charges she is facing because of her work.

The visit included meetings with official state actors and counterplayers of her legal processes. Evangeline Silva had the chance to speak up for her work as a human right activist and for her own case.

For more information on Evangeline Silva’s case click here:


We are looking forward to an exciting time as well as to more enriching encounters.






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